How to Help Your Elderly Parent Remember to Take Medication

If your elderly parent is like most seniors, he or she will likely have to take medication to treat various age-related conditions. Remembering to take prescriptions can be a difficult task, but it’s vital to maintaining overall health. Here are some of the ways you can remind your parent to take medication.

Write Notes 

Place sticky notes around the home or leave medication reminders on notepads next to objects your loved one is sure to use throughout the day, such as eating utensils, the remote control, a cell phone, or car keys. In addition to leaving notes around the home, you can send text messages and emails when it’s time to take medicine. When sending the reminder, ask your loved one to reply after taking the prescription. If your loved one doesn’t submit a reply, call to make sure everything is okay and that he or she has taken the medicine on time. 

If your loved one has difficulty remembering to take medications because of cognitive challenges related to dementia, consider enlisting the help of a professional caregiver who is trained in dementia home care. La Mesa seniors can benefit from an experienced caregiver who can provide medication reminders and monitor for adverse side effects.

Purchase Pillboxes

Pillboxes are one of the most traditional medication management options for seniors to use. You can fill the pillboxes with the medicines your loved one needs to take each day, which can prevent him or her from skipping medications and damaging the treatment process. Many pillboxes can be separated by the time of day in addition to the daily sections, and they’re an excellent tool for older adults who need to take multiple medications, as the boxes can prevent overmedicating and remind seniors when to take specific prescriptions. Ask the local pharmacy where to locate pillboxes in the store.

Use Medication Management Apps

Technological advancements have made it easier to age in place and complete daily tasks independently, including medication management. Your parent can download apps on his or her smartphone that remind him or her when it’s time to take daily dosages. In addition to sending alerts before the prescriptions must be taken, the apps will display the name of each medication and the correct dosage. Your loved one can also share his or her thoughts on the treatment, which you can give to his or her primary care physician, who will determine if the medicine is working or if a new treatment plan should be developed.

Get Assistance

If your parent lives alone, develop a schedule with your siblings and try to make sure someone checks in during the times when he or she needs to take medications. If no one is able to stop by in person, try to schedule a daily call around this time. When visiting your loved one throughout the week, check his or her prescription bottles to make sure the medicine is being taken. Your family can also consider hiring a professional caregiver to come in and help with medication management as well as other daily tasks, such as cleaning, bathing, and cooking.

Family caregivers can benefit from the ideas listed above, but some may need extra help so their loved ones get the proper doses of their medication at the right times. The compassionate professionals at Coast Care Partners can help your loved one live in greater safety and comfort with in-home care. La Mesa, CA, families should reach out to us today at 619-354-2544 to learn about the high quality of our in-home care services.