5 Activities for Seniors Who Have Depression

Depression is an issue many seniors face as they grow older, and it can disrupt their daily lives. Allowing your aging loved one to remain isolated and depressed could result in a poor quality of life, among other health issues. Here are some fun, engaging, and stimulating activities that could change your loved one’s mindset and alleviate anxiety and depression.

1. Socializing Online

Sign your loved one up for social media or teach him or her how to use smartphone apps to video chat with friends and family who live far away. Navigating online platforms may stimulate your parent’s mind, providing something to do instead of thinking about negative situations. Going online to interact with other people is a good way to alleviate isolation and stay updated with family members, especially as mobility becomes an issue.

2. Doing Yoga

Exercise is great for emotional health because it can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. When doing yoga, the body gets rid of toxins and boosts mood. The balance and breathing techniques done in yoga can reduce negative emotions, including anger, sadness, and anxiety. Yoga is an activity your loved one can do alone, but he or she can also participate in yoga classes. 

If your loved one needs assistance with exercise, consider enlisting the help of a professional caregiver who has training and experience in senior care. San Diego aging adults with balance and mobility issues who want to get the health benefits of yoga can perform many of the poses and stretches with a bit of help.

3. Gardening

Gardening allows aging adults to be outdoors and enjoy the calming effects of nature. Caring for plants in a garden could make your loved one feel accomplished and useful. Watching the flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants bloom could boost his or her mood significantly. While working in the garden, your loved one can redirect his or her attention toward the natural sounds and smells, which can alleviate stress and anxiety.

4. Traveling

Taking your parent on a road trip or flying to a favorite destination may remove him or her from the issues or people that are causing depression. During the trip, your loved one can enjoy the different sights, try new foods, and go on adventures that boost mental and emotional health. A fresh atmosphere can remove many of the triggers seniors face at home.

5. Listening to Music

If you’re looking for a quick, fun, and engaging activity for your loved one, listening to music should be at the top of your list. The melodies and harmonies could put your parent’s mind at ease and assuage symptoms associated with depression. Whether your loved one is just listening or singing along, the music can decrease anxiety, boost self-esteem, enhance relationships with others, and reduce tension in the muscles and joints. Ask your loved one to help you create a playlist, giving him or her some control over what to include.

The activities listed above can help almost anyone lessen depression symptoms, and they’re especially appropriate for elderly people. If your loved one needs help managing depression or any other health condition, help is just a phone call away. The highly trained, compassionate professional caregivers from Coast Care Partners provide mental and social stimulation as well as assistance with the tasks of everyday life. We are also a leading provider of Alzheimer’s and dementia home care. San Diego residents should call us today at 619-354-2544.