How to Assist Seniors with Housework

Housekeeping becomes increasingly difficult as seniors age. In fact, a messy and unkempt house is often one of the first signs a senior needs assistance. While your aging loved one may not ask for help, you should offer it if you notice the house is beginning to show signs of neglect, such as dirty floors or a messy kitchen. If you do see signs your loved one needs a hand, you can use these tips to provide the help he or she needs to be safe and comfortable at home.

Ask What They Enjoy Doing

Involving your loved one in the process of planning for housekeeping makes it more likely that he or she will go along with the idea. It also helps you avoid stripping away his or her independence. Start by finding out what your loved one likes to do. Enabling your loved one to continue to wash dishes if he or she finds it relaxing helps him or her stay active and maintain a sense of purpose.

Perform a Needs Assessment

Once you know what your loved one wants to do, your next step is to figure out what needs to be done. Every household is different, but most seniors need help with things such as sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the bathroom. As you make your list, consider your loved one’s current abilities. For instance, seniors who have difficulty bending over will likely need help scrubbing the bathtub.

Decide What You or a Family Member Can Do

Many families like to do some of their loved ones’ housekeeping as a gesture of kindness and respect. While it’s great for you to want to do these things, it’s also important to be realistic. For instance, if you work a full-time job, it may not be possible to help with chores that must be done every day, such as washing dishes. However, you may be able to organize the pantry once a month.

Offer Solutions to Simplify the Routine

Some housekeeping tasks can be simplified so your loved one can manage them better. For instance, your loved one can use an extendable handle for the duster so he or she doesn’t have to stand on a ladder. Your loved one can also use an all-purpose cleaner instead of lugging a heavy bucket full of supplies through the house. Having a professional caregiver stop by a few times a week to handle the most challenging tasks also helps your loved one continue to do the things he or she enjoys well.

If you’re the primary family caregiver and your aging loved one needs occasional help with basic household tasks or you need time to take care of personal obligations, reach out to Coast Care Partners, a premier provider of respite care. La Mesa, CA, seniors can maintain their independence while living at home with the assistance our trustworthy respite caregivers.

Check in Regularly to See if Adjustments Are Needed

Your loved one’s housekeeping needs may change over time. For example, your loved one may need the laundry done more often when recovering from an illness or experiencing incontinence. Your loved one may also need new services added to the housekeeping routine if he or she experiences a change in abilities. Make it part of your routine to ask how things are going and watch for signs the plan needs to be changed.

Aging adults may need assistance at home for a variety of reasons. Some might only need part-time help with exercise and basic housekeeping tasks, while others may require assistance with mobility or cognitive stimulation. Coast Care Partners is a leading La Mesa elderly home care provider. Families trust our compassionate, highly trained caregivers to help their aging loved ones maintain independence and a high quality of life. Call one of our friendly team members today at 619-354-2544.