Thankful for Maggie’s Smile

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Thanksgiving is a time when we reflect on the good things in life and show gratitude. Being able to share Maggie’s story is something Coast Care Partners is thankful for.

Maggie is one of those people your heart immediately falls in love with. Maggie sits in her chair reading old greeting cards from friends and family. She describes her great-grandchildren, and smiles at a particularly wonderful Easter memory. In fact, Maggie smiles quite a bit these days, and is known to have one of the best laughs around.

Maggie’s grandson contacted us to provide care to her and her husband George. When we first met Maggie she was in the process of saying goodbye to George, who was in the final stages of his hospice care. Her husband and she had been inseparable for 70 years, and she was trying to picture a world without him. As you can imagine, Maggie was in a difficult place. She often voiced that she just wanted to die, that she had nothing to live for.

Our Caregivers provided constant reassurance and companionship. Our Care Management services kept Maggie’s home and health managed, and helped Margo and her family navigate Maggie’s hospital admission right after George passed. Our Care Manager was able to oversee Maggie’s new medications and rehabilitation, scheduled mobile physicians and dentists, and helped her Caregivers plan activities that re-engaged her in life. Daily updates to Maggie’s out-of-town Grandson kept him informed about his grandmother’s health and care.

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Most importantly, we inspired Maggie to do something fun and get outside—something Maggie had not done in a very long time. Maggie has a deep connection with her church, so our Care Manager and Maggie’s Caregivers helped her attend a Sunday sermon. Although she was fearful to leave the house, she trusted her Caregiver enough to escort her to her first church service in two years! She caught up with friends she hadn’t seen in years, and enjoyed sitting in her usual spot and singing those familiar songs.

In addition to church, Maggie is taking trips to the beach, parks, and holiday plays. On days Maggie doesn’t feel up to it, she and her Caregiver stay in and build puzzles, cook meals together and on rare nights, dance the jitterbug in her favorite chair. Nothing will ever replace her husband George, but Coast Care Partners considers every one of Maggie’s smiles and laughs a reason to be thankful.

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