How to Support a Friend Who’s a Family Caregiver

Family caregivers need all the support they can get, yet it’s difficult to know what to do for a friend who is always on the go. The La Mesa in-home care experts at Coast Care Partners share a few suggestions on how to show support to a friend who is a family caregiver.

Be Supportive of Your Friend’s Decisions

When caregivers face challenging situations, people are often quick to jump in with advice. However, this often causes caregivers to second-guess what was already a difficult choice, or it could undermine their confidence. Remember no one knows the situation better than your friend. Instead of offering advice, simply tell your friend you know he or she made the best possible choice. Your friend may appreciate the fact that you backed up his or her decision.

Offer Subtle Financial Support

Financial gifts can get tricky since you don’t want to offend your friend or make him or her feel indebted. However, there are ways to give your friend some help with caregiving-related costs. For instance, you could tuck a gift card for gas or your friend’s favorite restaurant into a gift basket. Alternatively, you could pick up some extra groceries at the store to drop off at your friend’s loved one’s house. Either way, keep your gifts within an acceptable range and always make sure your friend knows you don’t expect reciprocation.

Put in Some Hands-On Time

Your friend likely has certain tasks on his or her agenda that get put off. Ask your friend about his or her daily routine, and identify areas where you could pitch in. For instance, you could offer to fold laundry together while you both enjoy a movie night, or you could offer to cook a meal you can eat together. Your friend may enjoy the opportunity to socialize while also knocking a chore off his or her list.

Keep Social Invitations Open

While it may be frustrating to constantly hear your friend turn down your invitations to parties and dinners, he or she needs to know the option still exists. Continue to ask your friend out, but make it clear that he or she is under no obligation to accept. If your friend shows interest but hesitates, offer to help him or her find ways to socialize, such as arranging for respite care.

Offer to Find Respite Care

The best friendships are built on honesty, and showing your concern about your friend’s safety could save him or her from burnout. If you notice your friend is exhausted or overwhelmed most the time, suggest taking a break. Then, offer to find a professional caregiver so your friend can enjoy a brief respite.

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