Perfect Summertime Activities for Older Adults

Summer is the best time to get your senior loved one out of the house for a little family fun. There are various senior-friendly activities your loved one can enjoy this summer, from swimming to traveling. Here are some fun and ideal summertime activities for older adults, brought to you by the La Mesa home care experts at Coast Care Partners.

Performing Water Aerobics 

Water aerobics is a fun activity that can help your loved one lose weight and boost his or her overall health. Check with local health centers or a community pool association to find out if they offer senior-friendly water aerobics classes during the summer months. Seniors can participate in these low-impact exercises without putting too much strain on their bodies. The buoyancy of the water can protect the muscles and joints and reduce the risk of being injured while doing the aerobics routines. Water aerobics is a fun, mood-boosting activity that enhances heart health, lowers the risk of arthritis, and keeps seniors in good shape. 


Summertime is the perfect opportunity to grow a garden. Your loved one can start out with a small garden and plant a few flowers, fruits, and vegetables, increasing the amounts over time. Working in a garden can enhance vision and hand-eye coordination and provide the nutrients needed to maintain bone health, such as vitamin D. If your loved one decides to plant fruits, vegetables, and herbs, he or she can later eat these items to maintain healthier cholesterol and blood pressure levels. 

Attending Festivals 

There are a variety of summer festivities that take place all around the world, including music and food festivals. Your loved one can go to these events and socialize with friends or meet new people to build relationships with. While attending festivals, your loved one can learn more about various cultures, which boosts brain health. Check with your local visitors bureau and nearby cities to find out what festivals are coming to town for the summer months. 

Going on a Cruise 

Loneliness and isolation are two factors linked to depression in older adults, but traveling is a great way to boost emotional health. During the summer months, book your loved one on a senior-friendly cruise to beautiful destinations around the world. Smaller cruise ships are easier for seniors to walk around on, and the atmosphere is more intimate and less chaotic. Allow your loved one to plan a cruise during the summer months. Your loved one can choose a destination he or she has enjoyed visiting in the past or suggest a new adventure. While being on a cruise, your loved one will have access to healthy foods, and moving around the ship provides the activity needed to increase physical health.

Some senior citizens prefer staying at home during the hot summer months, while others have certain health issues that require bed rest. Older adults who choose to remain indoors can still enjoy a high quality of life by opting for professional live-in or respite care. La Mesa seniors trust Coast Care Partners for all of their home care needs. To learn about our comprehensive in-home care options and how they can benefit your aging loved one, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.