5 Exercises That Are Safe & Easy for Seniors to Do

It is important for seniors to continue exercising as they age so they can boost their heart health, strengthen their bones, reduce their stress levels, and stave off chronic diseases. Family caregivers should suggest exercises that are simple and safe for their aging loved ones to perform. Trusted San Diego, CA, at-home caregivers share some of the exercises your loved one can do to enhance his or her physical and mental wellbeing. 

1. Walking 

Walking is simple, safe, and beneficial for seniors. Your loved one can walk through the neighborhood, go for hikes on a nearby trail with family and friends, or spend some time on the treadmill at the local gym. Walking can reduce bone mass loss, which lowers the risk of broken bones and fractures. Going on walks on a regular basis can strengthen the muscles in the legs, which increases mobility and reduces the risk of arthritis and other health issues. 

2. Toe Lifts 

Toe lifts are the perfect exercise if your loved one wants to increase his or her balance. To perform toe lifts, your loved one will need a chair or counter to lean on. While standing straight with his or her arms out in front, your loved one should raise his or her toes up as high as they can go, then gently lower them. Having better balance can help your loved one reduce the risk of slipping and falling, which also prevents broken bones and head injuries. 

3. Swimming 

Aging can put seniors at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. However, swimming is a simple and engaging physical activity your loved one can do to stave off serious health issues such as these. Your loved one can go swimming for fun with the family or join a local swim class with other adults. Swimming with others provides the opportunity to interact with other people, reducing the risk of boredom and depression. 

4. Yoga

Being inactive can lead to poor muscle strength, chronic joint pain, and respiratory issues. However, yoga is a relaxing exercise that can alleviate pain and enhance respiratory function. Taking up yoga could lead to higher self-esteem. When doing yoga, your loved one will receive an enhanced sense of body awareness that could increase his or her confidence when moving around. To make this exercise easier, your loved one can use a chair or wall while doing some of the yoga poses. 

5. Wall Pushups 

Wall pushups are perfect for seniors who want to increase their balance, lower their body fat, and build muscle strength. To do wall pushups, your loved one will need to stand with his or her palms flat on the wall and feet planted firmly on the ground. Next, your loved one needs to push away from the wall so his or her arms are straight. To protect your loved one’s safety, make sure the wall doesn’t have any decorations or hangings that could fall. Doing wall pushups can help your loved one maintain healthy blood pressure levels and reduce back pain.

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