5 Safe & Enjoyable Activities for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s

It’s crucial for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease to stay active by engaging in activities that aren’t too stressful or confusing. Doing emotionally appropriate and stimulating activities can also add fun to life and curb the progression of the illness. The El Cajon home care specialists at Coast Care Partners discuss a few safe and enjoyable activities for seniors with Alzheimer’s.

1. Creating Words with Magnetic Letters

Aging adults with Alzheimer’s disease can use magnetic letters to spell out fun words that aid in recalling a memory or answering a question. Seniors can also use the letters to match up the variety of colors and shapes of the magnets. Word-related activities can help seniors with Alzheimer’s disease enhance their mental capacity and memory recall. Playing word and memory games also offers hours of fun bonding with a family caregiver.

2. Assembling a Jigsaw Puzzle

Choosing a small puzzle with big pieces to put together may make it less time-consuming and frustrating for an aging adult with Alzheimer’s. Assembling puzzles is an exciting activity seniors can do alone or with a caregiver, and it can boost their cognitive skills and memory. Putting together a puzzle is also a wonderful way to start interesting conversations that may enhance your parent’s mood and ward off loneliness and isolation.

3. Playing Chair Golf

Older adults with Alzheimer’s who loved playing golf can place an indoor putting mat in the home. Depending on their physical ability, they can have fun putting while sitting or standing. Indoor golfing can help seniors with Alzheimer’s reduce their stress, build their strength, and increase their flexibility while having a good time.

4. Baking Treats

Making an easy recipe is a fun bonding activity for older adults and their family caregivers. When preparing the recipe, have your loved one do an easy task like mixing the ingredients. The kitchen is often a familiar room, and baking together may jog heartfelt memories that lift your parent’s spirits. Being involved in the baking process can also help seniors with Alzheimer’s feel useful and give them a purpose.

5. Taking a Meaningful Stroll

Take your loved one on a walk or hike to his or her favorite trail, neighborhood, or landmark. Taking a walk together can evoke pleasant memories of younger days while providing some exercise. Many local recreational areas provide handicap-accessible paths for older adults with mobility issues or cognitive decline.

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