6 Questions Families Should Ask Professional Caregivers

Professional in-home care offers families and their senior loved ones a source of support during challenging times. Whether you are currently interviewing prospective caregivers or just want to get to know your loved one’s caregiver better, it is important to keep the conversation going by asking the right questions. As you develop a rapport with your loved one’s new in-home caregiver, use these questions to guide your understanding of the services he or she provides.

1. What Kind of Past Professional Experience Do You Have?

The answer to this question provides insight into the type of person caring for your loved one. While extensive past experience is not always necessary to be a good caregiver, you should expect to hear the caregiver has training regarding the best practices for working with seniors. Knowing the caregiver’s background may give you reassurance that your loved one is safe in his or her care when you are away.

2. Do You Receive Ongoing Education and Training?

High-quality El Cajon caregivers know there is always something new to learn regarding senior care. From discovering new ways to ensure proper nutrition to handling caregiving challenges such as preventing wandering in seniors with memory loss, caregivers who participate in ongoing training courses are always at the top of their game. 

3. Is There Something We Should Be Doing Differently?

After spending time with your loved one, a caregiver may notice things you could do to streamline your loved one’s routine. For example, the caregiver may find your loved one does better when bathing at a certain time of the day. Caregivers also know how to perform tasks such as lifting seniors safely. If you have concerns about the care you provide, professional caregivers can offer compassionate advice based on their training and past experiences.

4. How Can We Foster Good Communication?

It is important to make sure communication works well whenever more than one person is caring for your loved one. Some caregivers prefer to use journals or logs to jot down significant events during the day, or you may prefer to receive text updates. Either way, make sure you are on the same page with your loved one’s caregiver so you always are up to date. 

5. Have You Noticed Changes in My Loved One?

When you are close to someone, you may not notice subtle changes. However, caregivers are trained to notice things such as increasing memory lapses or a shuffling walk. Ask the caregiver to let you know about changes he or she sees so you can take your loved one to the doctor right away.

6. Can You Adapt to My Loved One’s Future Needs?

Seniors often maintain a higher quality of life when caregivers develop long-term relationships with them. Knowing the caregiver is comfortable meeting your loved one’s changing needs allows you to make the right decisions for your loved one’s care. While you may not be able to predict the future, a professional caregiver can manage many of the challenges your loved one faces.
If your elderly loved one needs help maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing daily responsibilities, consider hiring a professional caregiver from Coast Care Partners, a trusted El Cajon in-home care provider. We serve all of San Diego County, and our caregivers are trained to assist seniors with tasks like meal prep, exercise, light housekeeping, and much more. Give us a call today at 619-354-2544 to learn more.