How to Help Older Adults Keep Isolation at Bay

The United States Census Bureau reported that approximately 28 percent of older adults live alone, and the AARP reports that many seniors don’t have children. The loss of a spouse combined with adult children moving away may leave retired seniors isolated. Chronic isolation has been shown to contribute to the development of various medical conditions. The La Mesa home care experts at Coast Care Partners share a few tips on preventing isolation in the elderly.

Make Socialization Easier

Some seniors may become reluctant to socialize due to hearing, vision, or other disabilities. Consider reassuring your loved one that he or she isn’t the only senior facing such issues. Your parent may simply need to be evaluated by a healthcare provider and receive corrective devices. There are many types of assistive equipment that enable physically disabled adults to gain more independence and increase their mobility.

Advise Going to a Senior Citizen Center

Senior centers offer older adults the chance to socialize with their peers. Some offer classes that include learning a new hobby. Your loved one might also enjoy taking a class at a local educational institution to further his or her interest in a particular subject.

Suggest Adopting a Pet

Caring for a pet offers several health benefits. Pets enable seniors to feel needed and interact with other animal lovers within the community. While outside walking a dog, the potential to engage in conversation with others within the vicinity greatly increases.

Sign Up for Community Exercise Classes

Many cities offer various exercise programs for local residents. Active seniors can enjoy better health by exercising, and they also have the chance to develop new friendships among others with similar interests. Aerobic exercise classes, walking groups, water aerobics classes, and wheelchair exercise classes are all possibilities.

Encourage Volunteering

Older adults looking for a purpose in life might enjoy helping others. A love of children often persuades seniors to volunteer at a local daycare center, and aging adults with good organizational skills may enjoy planning community events. Community cleanup missions give retired adults the opportunity to socialize with others while serving a worthwhile cause.

Educate About Technology

Housebound seniors have the chance to broaden their social circle by learning to use a desktop computer, laptop, or iPad. By learning how to safely navigate the internet, older adults might make new friends on chat sites or keep in touch with friends and loved ones via video chats. Using the internet also enables seniors to learn about events in the community they might enjoy attending.

Isolation is one of the leading causes of depression among older adults. If your aging loved one needs help staving off isolation and leading a healthy and productive life, turn to Coast Care Partners. When it comes to high-quality home care, La Mesa families can trust our licensed and experienced caregivers. We offer comprehensive in-home care options that can be tailored to suit the needs of older adults with varying health issues. Call us at 619-354-2544 to talk to one of our home care experts.