How to Reduce Your Aging Parent’s Risk of Developing Heart Disease

Heart disease is fairly common among older adults. The good news is there are steps seniors can take to prevent this disease and enhance their quality of life. The experts at Coast Care Partners, provider of the best home care San Diego has to offer, share a few tips on how to reduce an aging parent’s risk of developing heart disease.

Discourage Smoking

Smoking is one of the top risk factors associated with heart disease in older adults. Using tobacco products can lead to the buildup of fatty substances in the body, which hardens the arteries. Smoking can also raise blood pressure because it reduces the amount of good cholesterol in the body. When your loved one stops smoking, he or she may experience a decrease in blood pressure almost instantly.

Serve Heart-Healthy Foods

Diet can affect the risk of heart disease. Older adults need to eat meals and snacks that are low in cholesterol and fat. When it pertains to seasonings and oils, make sure your loved one limits the amount of sodium he or she consumes. Instead of cooking with butter and vegetable oils, use olive oil. The best heart-healthy foods for aging adults are fatty fish, whole grains, fiber-rich fruits, and raw vegetables. Seniors also need to limit the amount of red meat they eat.

Encourage Exercise

Getting the heart pumping is one of the best ways to increase circulation and prevent heart disease. Seniors need to work out at least three days per week, for 30 minutes each day. It’s best for older adults to participate in low-impact exercises that don’t put a lot of pressure on the bones and muscles, as it can prevent broken bones, muscle weakness, and other issues. Exercising increases blood flow and prevents blood clots that raise the risk of heart disease.

Manage Stress Levels

Stress can damage various organs in the body when it isn’t controlled. Under extreme stress, seniors may experience irregular sleeping patterns, pain, headaches, and exhaustion. The more stress a senior is under, the harder the heart will have to work to function, increasing the risk of heart disease. To boost cardiovascular health, your loved one should adopt stress-reducing habits that enhance his or her mood. Some stress-reducing options for aging adults include doing yoga, participating in social activities, practicing good sleep hygiene, and staying physically active.

Older adults who want to remain healthy should consider professional in-home care. When it comes to high-quality senior care, San Diego families turn to Coast Care Partners. We are a leading caregiver agency with several years of experience in the senior home care industry. Our caregivers can help your senior parent make healthy lifestyle choices while aging in the comfort of home. With our help, your loved one can lead a healthier and happier life. To learn about our quality-assured services and how they can benefit your parent, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.