How to Slow the Progression of Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

The loss of important cognitive skills is a normal part of aging. However, there are steps seniors can take to slow this process down. Maintaining a high quality of life and adopting healthy lifestyle choices can help adults preserve their health and remain independent in their senior years. The El Cajon home care experts at Coast Care Partners share a few tips on how to stave off cognitive decline in the elderly.

Monitor Medications

Receiving treatment for various age-related conditions is important, but some prescriptions come with side effects such as confusion, drowsiness, and behavioral changes. It’s important for family caregivers to monitor their loved one’s medications to determine what is working and what is causing cognitive decline to speed up. Older adults who monitor their own medications should write down the effects of each dosage.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Take your loved one to a museum, live concert, fancy dinner, or another place that provides the opportunity to interact with other people. Participating in brain-stimulating activities can stave off cognitive decline and encourage seniors to use their memory, thinking skills, and other areas of the brain responsible for neurological functioning. If your loved one enjoys playing cards, encourage him or her to play as often as possible. Your loved one can also host card games at home and invite friends, neighbors, or grandchildren over to play. Regular mental stimulation can protect against age-related cognitive issues and possibly stave off Alzheimer’s disease.

Lower Stress Levels

When it comes to staving off cognitive decline, maintaining good emotional health is essential. Seniors who are stressed and depressed often have difficulty functioning normally. Their desire to be around others and follow routines may weaken due to high levels of anxiety. Chronic stress can negatively impact metabolism and increase the risk of inactivity. It’s important for seniors to remain active to lower the risk of weight gain, poor bone health, heart disease, and other serious health issues that speed up cognitive decline.

Serve Healthy Foods

The foods seniors eat can impact their cognitive health. Aging adults who eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts, and fatty fish often lead healthier lives than those who don’t. These brain-boosting foods fight against harmful toxins that damage the cells in the brain. For example, the antioxidants found in salmon can help your loved one fight against free radicals that damage areas of the brain responsible for memory. Encourage your loved one to try healthy diets that boost cognitive health, such as the MIND diet and the Mediterranean diet.

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