How to Encourage an Elderly Loved One to Exercise

Getting regular physical activity is necessary at any age. However, seniors are likely to stop exercising due to poor muscle strength, lack of energy, isolation, and other issues. As a family caregiver, you need to find ways to motivate your aging loved one to maintain a moderate exercise routine, which could boost his or her mental and physical wellbeing. Here are some tips you can use when motivating your parent to exercise more often, brought to you by the La Mesa elderly home care experts at Coast Care Partners.

Set Attainable Goals

If your loved one sets unrealistic exercising goals, it can be difficult to continue working out once he or she doesn’t reach those milestones. However, you may have an easier time motivating your parent to exercise if you start out with small and manageable goals. For example, if your loved one wants to lose weight, go for smaller increments, such as two or three pounds. Setting attainable goals may offer a challenge without overworking your parent’s body. Once your loved one loses a couple of pounds, he or she can continue working out to lose a few more.

Explain the Benefits

If your loved one isn’t interested in exercising, offer a verbal push. Learning about the benefits of physical exercise could be the perfect motivation. If walking each week boosts bone health, explain why this is beneficial. You could also mention that walking promotes weight loss, which staves off health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and poor heart health. When explaining the benefits, try to be upbeat and personable instead of using a negative tone. Your parent will likely respond better to positive talks instead of lectures.

Make Exercise a Fun Activity

Many seniors stop exercising because it seems more like work and less like fun. Make working out more appealing by encouraging your loved one to participate in fun senior-friendly activities such as dancing groups and sports leagues. Older adults will be able to meet up with people in a group and share fun stories, in addition to getting the exercise their bodies need to stay in good physical shape. Belonging to a group of peers encourages seniors to look forward to the weekly exercise outings.

Simplify the Exercises

If your loved one has limited mobility, he or she may refuse to exercise out of embarrassment. Simplify the exercises without making your parent feel helpless. For instance, if your loved one is unable to stand for long periods, encourage him or her to try sitting exercises, which can lower blood pressure levels, reduce stress, boost sleep quality, burn calories, and lead to healthier joints. Although you’re simplifying the exercise, the activity should still provide your parent with a little challenge.

Older adults who need help exercising should consider professional in-home care. When it comes to high-quality elderly care, La Mesa, CA, families trust Coast Care Partners. Our caregivers are professionally trained to help seniors with a wide variety of tasks and offer regular mental and stimulation. With our help, your senior loved one can enjoy a high quality of life while aging in the comfort of home. To learn about our quality-assured services, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.