How to Increase Bathroom Safety for Aging Adults

To prevent your senior loved one from falling in the home, you’ll need to take some safety measures. These precautions are most important in the bathroom, where slippery surfaces make injuries more likely. Here are a few easy ways to increase bathroom safety for seniors, brought to you by the senior in-home care experts at Coast Care La Mesa

Install a Raised Toilet Seat 

If your loved one has difficulty getting in and out of chairs, consider installing a raised toilet seat. These seats add several inches of height to the existing toilet frame, and they provide a more comfortable seating position. Raised toilet seats are perfect for seniors who have knee or hip pain, as they prevent the joint stress caused by bending. The seats also allow seniors to maintain their independence for as long as possible, which is especially important for managing daily hygiene tasks. 

Install Grab Bars 

Grab bars are essential for senior safety, and they can be mounted throughout the bathroom. Consider installing grab bars next to the bathtub, toilet, and the sink. As long as they’re installed properly, grab bars are incredibly sturdy and able to support hundreds of pounds. If your loved one slips in the bathroom and grabs onto the bar, it will be able to support his or her weight. Grab bars are available in several sizes, ranging from 18 inches to 48 inches. Make sure to select grab bars with an easy-to-grip surface. If you want to ensure a secure hold, wrap some gripping tape around the bar. 

Purchase a Transfer Bench or Shower Chair 

Many seniors have difficulty standing up while taking a shower, and positioning themselves in the bathtub can also prove challenging. Transfer benches are designed to assist older adults with bathing. Half of the bench is placed in the bathtub, the other half is outside of the tub, and a sliding seat allows seniors to push themselves into the bath area. Your loved one can stay perched on the seat for the remainder of the bath or shower and slide back out when finished. Combine the transfer bench with a handheld showerhead to make the bathing process even simpler. 

Add a Nonslip Bath Mat or Anti-Slip Coating 

The bathtub floor is among the slipperiest areas in the house. To ensure your loved one doesn’t slip and fall on the hard-tiled surface, add nonslip bath mats. These mats have suction cups that adhere to the wettest surfaces, and many of them are resistant to bacteria and mildew. You can also consider anti-slip coatings, which provide the surface with a nonslip texture without affecting the look of the porcelain.

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