6 Ways to Make a Senior’s Home Safer

Seniors today are enjoying the ability to continue living at home as they age. While aging in place can give seniors greater comfort, it is often necessary to make a few changes to prevent injuries that interfere with their wellbeing. Use these six strategies to increase safety at your senior loved one’s home.

1. Provide High-Quality Lighting

The vision loss that accompanies aging means seniors often have difficulty seeing in the dark. Make it easier for your loved one to see where he or she is walking by installing extra lighting throughout the home. As an added safety measure, make sure any places your loved one might walk at night are covered by a motion-activated light so he or she does not have to search for the switch.

2. Promote Stair Safety

Stairs are another hazard in many senior’s homes that may not always be avoidable. Make sure your loved one’s stairs have sturdy rails he or she can use to maintain balance. If your loved one has poor depth perception, it may also help to highlight each stair with colored tape. As time passes, you may need to install a chair lift system so your loved one can access upper level floors.

3. Fall-Proof the Bathroom

Bathrooms are full of potential safety hazards since slick floors make it more likely that a senior might fall. Place nonskid rugs and mats on tile floors and in the bathtub, then add grab bars along the bathtub walls and near the toilet. 

4. Lower the Hot Water Temperature

Skin begins to get thinner as people get older, which makes them more susceptible to burns. Help your loved one avoid getting scalded as he or she bathes or washes dishes by adjusting the water heater’s thermostat to a safe level. Ideally, the water should be just warm enough for comfort without being so hot it could cause burns.

5. Arrange for Professional Assistance

You can safety proof your loved one’s house, but it only works if he or she avoids doing things that are dangerous, such as standing on a chair to reach a high shelf. Arrange for a professional La Mesa home caregiver to stop by occasionally so your loved one won’t be tempted to do risky tasks independently. Keep an eye out for changes in your loved one’s health that might require more help, such as getting in and out of bed safely. 

6. Automate the Home Security System

A home security system can keep your loved one safe by sounding an alarm if an emergency arises. When you set up home automation, you can also show your loved one how to do things such as lock the doors from a smartphone. From viewing who is at the door before opening it to turning on the outdoor lights, your loved one can benefit from having more control over his or her home security system.

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