6 Tips for Boosting a Senior Loved One’s Emotional Wellbeing

The aging process often involves changes that place seniors at risk for challenging emotions such as sadness or apathy. While you might not be able to protect against emotions such as grief, you can implement strategies that help your aging loved one maintain his or her emotional wellbeing. Use these tips to help your loved one maintain good emotional health while navigating the challenges encountered in the senior years.

1. Encourage Socialization

Friendships are important throughout life, and older adults must sometimes make an extra effort to find social opportunities after retirement. Make sure your loved one has regular visits from a La Mesa, California home caregiver or family member throughout the week. Then, be on alert for social activities in your community that your loved one might like to attend, such as a senior dance.

2. Ask for Input

Older adults should always be included in important decisions regarding their care. Always ask your loved one to share opinions about changes in his or her care plan. You can also help your loved one retain a sense of purpose by asking for his or her perspective on other situations. For instance, you could ask your loved one to help you plan a house remodel if he or she has a background in construction.

3. Promote Physical Health

The connection between emotional and physical health is strong. Poor nutrition, a lack of sleep, or skipping exercise can all impact your loved one’s emotions. Help your loved one create a schedule that includes all the primary components for maintaining physical health. If necessary, provide transportation to the doctor or grocery store so your loved one’s physical health does not lead to a downturn in emotions.

4. Reminisce Together

Happy thoughts replace negative thinking patterns that might affect your loved one. Grab some photo albums and spend a few minutes looking back on your favorite family memories. You can even make this a family event by asking the grandkids to put together an album of the special moments they have shared with their grandparent.

5. Help with Grooming

There is something special about a fresh haircut or a new set of clothes that generates positive emotions. Seniors sometimes encounter challenges that interfere with the ability to maintain their appearance, such as incontinence or mobility issues. Help your loved one find solutions by using dressing aids or having a professional caregiver assist with bathing so he or she always feels up to seeing a visitor or going out in the community.

6. Provide Mental Stimulation

Seniors who stay busy with hobbies and activities are less likely to dwell on negative experiences. Provide reading materials, puzzles, and crafts so your loved one can spend time doing enjoyable activities. If your loved one has a companion, encourage doing these things together to maximize the positive sense of wellbeing that staying busy generates.

Consider hiring a professional caregiver to boost your loved one’s emotional wellbeing. Coast Care Partners is a leading provider of senior home care. La Mesa, CA, families rely on our dedicated and compassionate caregivers to help their aging loved ones lead happier and healthier lives. Call 619-354-2544 to speak with one of our representatives and learn more about out high-quality in-home care.