Why Should Families Opt for Home Care Instead of Assisted Living?

When seniors can no longer take care of themselves, it is time to consider professional care options. Two of the most common choices are hiring professional in-home care or moving the senior to an assisted living facility, and it can be difficult to choose the best option. Though assisted living facilities can be useful, many families end up realizing home care is a more beneficial choice for their senior loved ones because of the following reasons.

Personalized Care at Home

At an assisted living facility, staff attention is divided among many residents. When seniors have professional care at home, they receive more focused one-on-one care, which allows for more time to receive personalized help with grooming, housekeeping, and other tasks, and the senior’s health needs are more likely to be noticed and met.

Allows Families to Stay Together

Many seniors end up in a situation where one spouse needs more help than the other can provide. Home care is the ideal solution because it ensures the senior’s care needs are met without having to leave his or her spouse behind and move to an assisted living facility. Professional in-home caregivers provide just the amount of help needed to let seniors remain with their families.

More Affordable

Many seniors live on a strict budget after retirement, so it is important to consider financial concerns. The cost of hiring a professional home caregiver for a senior who lives in a property he or she owns is generally cheaper than paying the monthly rent for an assisted living facility. It also allows seniors to customize their budget for the home maintenance or cleaning services they require.

Greater Independence

For most seniors, having a feeling of independence is important for maintaining emotional health. Assisted living facilities tend to have somewhat strict rules in place because it can be difficult to manage so many seniors at once. Professional caregivers in El Cajon have more flexibility, and they can change their daily schedules to suit the senior’s needs. When seniors remain at home, they feel like they are still in control of their life.

Seniors Remain in Familiar Surroundings

After living in a home for years, it is natural to become attached to it. Having to move to an assisted living facility can cause an extensive amount of emotional distress. If your loved one is concerned about this upheaval, he or she should consider getting professional aid at home instead. Seniors can remain in a familiar environment filled with happy memories and surrounded by the neighbors they have known for years. Familiarity may be particularly important if your loved one has a form of dementia that impairs short-term memory storage.

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