What Are Some Good Games for Aging Adults?

There are all sorts of fun activities seniors can enjoy during the golden years, and one of their favorite options is games. Games are a great choice because they make seniors think and let them enjoy a little healthy competition. Every generation has games they particularly enjoy, and these five options are always appreciated by seniors.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a favorite among seniors who love showing what they know. This game often requires knowledge about a variety of decades and subjects, so those who have lived long lives have a big advantage. Most seniors like this game because it’s an entertaining way to compete with friends, but Trivial Pursuit also has the benefit of encouraging seniors to exercise their brains. They have to make strategic decisions and practice memory skills if they want to win.


There are a few reasons shuffleboard is so popular among seniors. First of all, it had a huge boom in popularity in the ’50s and ’60s, so many seniors have fond memories of playing it as children. Shuffleboard is also a favorite because it’s an outdoor game that’s less taxing than other types of sports. Seniors can enjoy physical activity and play a fun game outside without being reminded of physical impairments. 

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Bingo is popular because it can be such a big group activity. Seniors don’t need to follow any complicated rules or move around much, so almost anyone can play. With the requirement of yelling out “Bingo!” if they win, seniors get to celebrate a victory, and winning is especially satisfying when it comes with a little prize. The combination of luck and a little bit of skill makes bingo games exciting for everyone.

Nintendo Wii

Not all senior games are classic board games or lawn games. Wii has developed a surprisingly large following among seniors. The Wii system’s video games are very simple and intuitive, so seniors can easily learn how to participate without having to learn complicated mechanics. Nintendo Wii lets seniors participate in fun sports and move around a little in the comfort of their own homes, and seniors enjoy racking up points to compete with their friends.

Card Game

Card games are a great entertainment option because seniors have endless entertainment choices after spending just a few dollars on a deck of cards. This versatile category of games includes group activities like bridge and single-player games like solitaire. Depending on their preferences, seniors can choose exciting, fast-paced games or calm games that require more strategy. The ability to add betting with games like poker can make card games even more exciting for some seniors, and they can plan elaborate game nights that keep them entertained for hours.

Playing games can provide a fun way for seniors to alleviate anxiety and stay excited about life. Games can also be a very effective tool for cognitive stimulation, particularly as part of high-quality dementia and Alzheimer’s home care. San Diego families can rely on the compassionate professionals from Coast Care Partners to help their loved ones stay engaged with life in the safety and comfort of home. Reach out to one of our friendly team members today at 619-354-2544 to discover how we can help you create a home care plan customized just for your loved one.