Can I Get Paid to Take Care of My Aging Parent?

Caring for an elderly parent sometimes turns into a full-time job. While you don’t mind helping your loved one out, there also comes a point where you have to take care of your finances. After all, you have bills to pay. While every person’s situation is different, you might have a few options to help you get paid for taking care of your loved one each day.

Find Out About Benefits for Medicaid Recipients

Medicaid covers certain types of in-home care, but the benefits available can vary depending on where you live. While most states offer some type of pay for family caregivers, you may also need to meet specific requirements, such as being a family member who doesn’t live in the house. Since the standards can be different, it’s best to check with your loved one’s specific plan to find out how it affects your arrangements.

Check Out Community Resources

Many communities also have resources available to pay caregivers at a more local level. To find out what’s available near you, check with senior organizations and other agencies that help families receive care for their loved ones. Keep in mind smaller organizations may not be able to offer full-time pay, but every bit helps when you’re trying to manage your finances. Some communities may provide respite care La Mesa caregivers can take advantage of when they need time away from caregiving to work or care for other family members.

Look at Your Loved One’s Long-Term Insurance Policy

Your loved one’s insurance policy may already have benefits in place to provide for his or her care. Check the long-term insurance documents to find out if your loved one is eligible to receive care at home covered by his or her insurance agency. If necessary, call the insurance company to further clarify exactly how much care is covered and whether or not a family member is eligible. With each of these options, remember some policies and health coverage will pay professional caregivers so you can round out your loved one’s care.

Ask About Veterans Aid

There are several different types of aid available for veterans who are at risk of having to move out of their homes to receive care. These programs aim to promote independence among veterans by helping families receive funds for family caregivers as well as professional in-home care. La Mesa, CA, families may have loved ones who are military veterans and prefer to age in place. For those families, this is a tremendous resource to make sure their loved ones’ wishes are honored.

Explore Your Options for Paid Family Leave

You can also choose to utilize benefits you have available to you through your state government offices or employer. Many employers offer paid family leave that allows caregivers to temporarily take breaks from work and still receive their salaries while they manage loved ones’ health conditions. Typically, these types of programs only last for a few weeks or months, but they can help you stay on top of your finances until other options for paying for care kick in.

Family caregivers can become overwhelmed by financial responsibilities, and the options listed above may ease a bit of their anxiety. If you’re finding it difficult to balance full-time work and caring for a senior loved one, consider hiring a compassionate, professional caregiver to provide your loved one with high-quality home care. The dedicated home care experts from Coast Care Partners will treat your loved one with dignity while maintaining the highest standards of care. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 619-354-2544.