5 Great Exercises for Elderly Diabetics

Physical activity is an important component when it comes to treating diabetes. Seniors who stay physically fit can control their blood glucose levels more effectively, which can alleviate many of the symptoms associated with diabetes. The reliable staff at Coast Care La Mesa has put together a list featuring some of the different exercises aging adults with diabetes should engage in on a regular basis. 

1. Dancing 

Dancing is a form of exercise that can help older adults lose weight. When seniors manage their weight, they can enhance the way the body produces and responds to insulin. Many seniors living with diabetes also experience high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of strokes or heart attacks. However, dancing boosts heart health and keeps blood pressure levels down, even if a senior is living with diabetes. 

2. Walking 

Seniors who walk on a regular basis can control their blood sugar levels and alleviate some symptoms of diabetes. Sometimes a senior’s blood glucose may be high due to stress and mild illnesses such as a common cold. However, walking can help blood sugar levels get back to normal. In addition to walking on the treadmill at the gym or through the neighborhood, seniors should also increase the amount of walking they do when engaging in daily activities. For instance, they can take the stairs whenever possible or move around while on the phone or when taking TV breaks. 

3. Cycling 

When older adults are stressed, they may stop taking medicine or skip meals. As a result, blood sugar levels drop significantly, putting their overall health in jeopardy. However, cycling is a good way for aging adults with diabetes to reduce stress. Cycling can also help seniors living with diabetes maintain a healthy weight and boost their cardiovascular health. 

4. Swimming 

Controlling weight is important for seniors living with diabetes, and swimming is an exercise that can help them achieve this goal. Swimming also helps older adults strengthen their muscles, which is necessary when it comes to controlling diabetes. When swimming, your loved one’s body will be able to absorb blood sugar more efficiently. The objective of swimming, as well as other exercises, is to lower blood sugar.

5. Doing Yoga

Aging adults need to take up exercises and activities that don’t put extra pressure on their knees, legs, and back. Yoga is considered a low-impact aerobic exercise that can help seniors with diabetes lower their risk of nerve damage, among other health issues. When performing yoga, your loved one can decrease the odds of lower back pain and leg numbness caused by diabetes.

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