How to Have a Discussion About Home Care with Your Loved One

Hiring an in-home caregiver may be necessary, but your aging loved one might not be on board with this idea. You need to find the right time to have this discussion and develop a plan to make the arrangement seem more appealing. The La Mesa elderly home care specialists at Coast Care Partners share a few tips on how to approach the topic of in-home care with an aging parent.

Start Early

Asking about your parent’s wishes well in advance gives you a clearer perspective as to what type of care he or she is willing to accept. If you wait until your loved one reaches an emergency crisis, the in-home care transition could be difficult. However, starting early and ensuring your loved one that he or she will be a part of the entire process could make the conversation go a little easier.

Be Respectful

Your loved one has a right to an opinion, and you need to respect his or her wishes. When discussing home care, you must listen to what your parent is saying and try to see things from his or her point of view. Your loved one may be able to make some decisions independently, such as the type of care he or she will receive or what changes need to be made over time. As long as your parent’s safety isn’t compromised, his or her wishes should be respected.

Stay Calm

If your loved one sees you getting upset, he or she might mimic your behavior. Don’t raise your voice or use a condescending tone because it could cause your parent to become irate and agitated, which isn’t good for his or her health or for the discussion. If things get too overwhelming, stop the conversation and try to pick it up later. Trying again isn’t a sign of failure. It simply means the discussion needs to be shelved long enough to give you both time to calm down. Keep in mind most seniors resist the home care conversation a few times before accepting the fact they need to hire an in-home caregiver.

Enlist the Help of Others

It’s a good idea to have your siblings with you during the discussion, especially if your loved one trusts their instincts. You all should take turns pointing out the benefits of in-home care, and explain how your loved one could maintain some independence. Having a medical provider talk to your parent about in-home care may make the discussion go a lot smoother. Primary care physicians have a unique way of explaining health and safety benefits to seniors, easing their minds, and getting them on board with in-home care.

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