6 Ways to Provide Long-Distance Care to an Aging Loved One

Living far away from an aging parent shouldn’t prevent you from taking on the role of family caregiver. However, being in another city, state, town, or country can bring about unique challenges. The San Diego home care specialists at Coast Care Partners share a few tips for simplifying the long-distance caregiver role.

1. Stay Informed

Learn as much about your loved one’s schedule as possible so you know where he or she is throughout the day. Staying informed may give you peace of mind, regardless of how far away you are. Conducting some research regarding your loved one’s current health condition allows you to make good decisions pertaining to his or her care.

2. Ask Nearby Siblings to Help Out

Your siblings should be a part of the caregiving process, regardless of where they reside. However, if they’re closer to your loved one, make sure to delegate some of the caregiving responsibilities to them. They may be willing to check on your parent a few days a week to make sure he or she is taking medication, following a healthy diet, or getting plenty of social and physical activity.

3. Plan Trips to Where Your Loved One Lives

Schedule visits to your loved one’s home throughout the year. Planning far in advance allows you to request time off from work and seek the best discounts on traveling accommodations. You can also plan a family trip and include your loved one. In addition to scheduled visits, research emergency traveling prices in the event you need to take an unexpected trip to check on your parent.

4. Go Over Legal Documents

If there comes a point when your loved one is no longer able to make medical and financial decisions, you may need to step in. However, if you don’t have legal documents naming you as your loved one’s medical and financial power of attorney, you should seek approval from the court of law.

5. Use Home Care Services

Having someone check in on your parent from time to time may make your role less difficult. You can receive accurate and honest reports from the home caregiver and determine if your loved one is developing a serious health issue that requires immediate medical attention.

6. Consider Relocation Options

If you prefer to be there with your loved one, relocating may be the best option for you. Ask your employer if you can transfer to a nearby office. You could also ask about taking a leave of absence from work. Relocating close to your loved one helps you monitor his or her health better and develop a clear caregiving plan to use in the future.

Providing long-distance care to an elderly parent can be a challenging task. If you need help caring for a senior loved one, turn to Coast Care Partners. We offer comprehensive, customized, and quality-assured home care plans for older adults who want to age in place. Our caregivers can assist your parent with a wide variety of daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and we also specialize in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. To learn about the best senior care San Diego has to offer, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.