Why Respite Care Is Beneficial for Families

Families who work together to take care of their aging loved one often enjoy the support of multiple people. However, there may come a time when rotating shifts among siblings is no longer working. When caring for an elderly parent becomes difficult, hiring respite care is a good option. The La Mesa home care experts at Coast Care Partners discuss a few ways families can benefit from respite care.

Restores Peace Among Siblings

Caring for an aging parent may cause old sibling rivalries to resurface and new ones to develop. While it may be tempting to lash out at a sibling who refuses to step in, such squabbles won’t help your loved one. Hiring respite care can correct a multitude of issues such as scheduling conflicts or feeling overburdened. Since you can arrange for a respite caregiver to come to your loved one’s house at any time of the day, you may not have to argue about whose turn it is to handle the caregiving duties.

Offers New Ways to Manage Challenges

Family caregivers sometimes feel like they’re in over their heads. At times, you and your siblings may have no idea how to handle an issue. For instance, your loved one’s wandering may be keeping everyone up at night, and even locks on the doors are not stopping him or her from escaping the house. Professional respite caregivers are trained to provide high-quality in-home care, and bringing in a neutral party can help you discover new caregiving strategies.

Gives Spouses an Opportunity to Connect

Caregivers often don’t have the time to connect with their spouses. When you have respite care available, you don’t have to miss the regular date night with your husband or wife. You can also celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions without worrying about scheduling conflicts with your siblings.

Provides a Chance to Spend Some Time Together

When people spend too much time together, they can sometimes get on each other’s nerves. For instance, you may feel like you cannot stand to hear another one of your parent’s jokes. Alternatively, your loved one may turn down your helpful suggestions when he or she is normally open to new ideas. Once you notice signs such as these, you need to take action to preserve your relationship. With respite care, you get to feel the joy of reuniting with your loved one when you’ve had a few hours to miss him or her.

Respite care is a good option for overworked caregivers. When it comes to high-quality respite care, La Mesa families trust Coast Care Partners. Our professionally trained caregivers can help your aging loved one with a wide variety of daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning. We also offer specialized care for older adults with serious health issues, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you need a break from your caregiving duties, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.