Why In-Home Care Is Beneficial for Seniors with Dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia could present a variety of concerns for your senior loved one and your family. The stress from the illness can be overwhelming for seniors, which is why your family will need to get as much help as possible. Here are some of the benefits your loved one can receive from hiring an in-home dementia caregiver.

Allows Seniors to Live in a Familiar Setting

When choosing Coast Care Partners for home care, La Mesa seniors will be able to remain at home or live in your home while receiving personalized care. The familiar setting could keep him or her calm, especially during times of confusion and agitation. Having easy access to personal items may bring about a sense of comfort that calms your loved one. Getting used to a new environment can be difficult and overwhelming for seniors with dementia, but staying at home provides a sense of continuity.

Helps Them Maintain Confidence and Dignity

If your loved one is in a hospital or nursing home, he or she may have to share caregivers with other seniors, limiting the amount of time to bathe, get dressed, and eat, among other daily activities. If the caregiver becomes impatient, your loved one’s dignity and confidence could be affected. However, a professional in-home dementia caregiver can give your loved one all the time he or she needs to complete a task, and only step in to help when needed. This can boost your senior loved one’s confidence and promote his or her dignity, which may have decreased after being diagnosed with dementia.

Promotes Socialization

In-home dementia care covers more than assistance with daily tasks. Your loved one can also receive the companionship he or she longs for. It is important for your loved one to continue doing many of the things he or she has done in the past, for as long as possible. An in-home caregiver can take part in the activities your loved one enjoys, providing the socialization he or she needs. A dementia diagnosis can be stressful and lead to depression, but constant socialization can relieve these emotions.

Provides Specialized Care

A La Mesa in-home caregiver can provide your senior loved one with the one-on-one care he or she needs. You can even hire a caregiver who specializes in dementia care. Dementia caregivers are trained to handle the various stages of the disease, and they can coordinate daily activities and treatments that have been ordered by a doctor. The in-home caregiver you choose will also know what needs to be done in emergency situations, keeping your loved one safe throughout the day and night. The caregiver can also provide you with tips on how to communicate with your loved one, how to manage stressful situations, and how to reduce stress and manage the frustrations you encounter as a family caregiver.

If your senior loved one is living with dementia and needs help maintaining a high quality of life, reach out to Coast Care Partners to find out how our expertly trained caregivers can help. Our caregivers make wonderful companions for seniors with dementia, and they are trained to assist with a wide array of tasks, including transportation, meal preparation, and bathing. Call 619-354-2544 to learn more about our premier caregiving services.