5 Alternative Treatments for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common health conditions among older adults, and it can have a big impact on a senior’s mobility and overall quality of life. There are many ways to reduce arthritis symptoms, ranging from prescription treatments to natural remedies. Here are five alternative treatments that may help seniors alleviate arthritis pain, brought to you by the La Mesa elderly home care specialists at Coast Care Partners.

1. Engaging in Massage Therapy

For seniors with arthritis, massage therapy can relieve pent-up tension in the muscles. While the treatment may not fix underlying joint issues, it can reduce the muscle soreness they cause. Massage therapy can be effective for many types of arthritis. For seniors with osteoarthritis, a weekly massage from a professional massage therapist can loosen the muscles and increase range of motion. The therapy can also be beneficial for older adults with hand and wrist arthritis. While seniors often seek professional massages for the hands and wrists, these massages can also be done in the comfort of home. By applying pressure to the inflamed areas for ten minutes every day, seniors can increase their motor dexterity and reduce pain.

2. Doing Yoga

It’s important for seniors with joint issues to remain active since inactivity exacerbates the symptoms. Yoga stretches the joints through gentle, slow movements, and it can help seniors increase their flexibility and range of motion. Older adults with arthritis should avoid hot yoga, as the high temperatures can further damage the joints.

3. Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Arthritis often leads to tight, sore muscles that feel like they’re tied in knots. There are many ways to relax these muscles, and seniors should experiment with different methods until they find one that works. Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple way to relax tense muscles. To try this method, seniors should begin by sitting in a comfortable position and focusing on their breathing. Then they should tense individual muscles, hold the tensions for ten seconds, then release. Older adults need to begin at the top of the body and work their way down, individually tensing the facial muscles, neck muscles, and shoulder muscles.

4. Applying Ice to Sore Muscles

When muscles are especially sore, seniors may want to reduce swelling with an ice pack. The application of ice to sore, swollen muscles disrupts pain signals and halts the production of the chemicals responsible for muscle inflammation.

5. Drinking Green Tea Regularly

The antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) can prevent joint damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis because it inhibits the production of the molecules that wreak havoc on the joints. To add this antioxidant to the diet, seniors should drink green tea.

Arthritis can make it difficult for older adults to manage daily tasks independently. If your senior loved one is living with a serious medical condition and requires assistance with everyday activities, turn to Coast Care Partners, a leading La Mesa home care agency. Our caregivers are professionally trained to help seniors with basic household chores, as well as offer comprehensive dementia and Alzheimer’s care. We have several years of professional experience in the senior home care industry and a wide variety of customizable in-home care options. To learn about our home care methods, give us a call at 619-354-2544 today.