Our Mission

Reimagining Caregiving for Aging Adults

You know how we all have a fear of aging? A fear of deterioration of body and mind. A fear of loss, isolation, and loneliness. A fear of mortality.

I’ll never forget the 100th birthday party of our centenarian client, Alvin N., many years ago at the La Mesa Community Center. Failing physically and cognitively, Alvin found joy in the small everyday moments and drew us in to celebrate with him. His birthday party was a celebration of Alvin, his character, and his past with his family and all of us who provided care to him. It was a joy and privilege to serve Alvin and a lesson to “carpe diem” without fear of death.

Fast forward to the services Coast Care provides today. We bring care to aging adults because we can assist in finding the beauty of aging. We bring peace of mind to seniors and their families. When you reach out to us, you will find us exceptionally responsive and severely accountable. When we serve your loved one, we will take them from one place to another–whether helping to rehab from a broken hip or to re-engage with her interests, passions, or community.

We are not a franchise, not a national company. We are neither the least nor most expensive in town, but you will find incomparable value in our services.

We’d like to invite you to accept our complimentary in-home assessment without obligation or pressure. The assessment will provide you with meaningful recommendations for improving the quality of life of your loved one, whether or not you engage our services.

We look forward to the privilege to serve you and your family.

Warm regards,