6 Awesome Leisure Activities Older Adults Should Consider

Participating in leisure activities offers aging adults the opportunity to make new friends, enhance their overall health, and stimulate their brains. Whether they’re living alone or receiving elderly home care, La Mesa seniors should consider engaging in the following leisure activities.

1. Enrolling in a Book Club

Joining a book club provides seniors with social stimulation and knowledge about new authors and books. Discussing books offers older adults the chance for self-expression and the freedom to voice their opinions honestly. Seniors also expose themselves to an array of literature they wouldn’t normally have encountered otherwise. 

2. Quilting

There are several benefits of quilting. The activity encourages seniors to learn new sewing techniques that can help them temporarily forget the challenges they’re experiencing. Preparing quilts is an engaging activity that helps seniors lower their stress levels and enhance their mood. The activity can also build confidence, and it has an important social side as well. Research at the University of Glasgow concluded that quilting boosts emotional and cognitive health in older adults.

3. Taking Part in a Theater Group

Being part of an acting group can boost a senior’s self-esteem and provide the opportunity to make new friends with individuals full of positive energy. If performing arts seem intimidating, seniors can still be creative by painting scenery, writing, and designing costumes. By participating at the local theater, aging adults can enhance their mental health and confidence.

4. Going on a Fishing Adventure

Taking a fishing trip can reduce stress and provide the opportunity to get some fresh air and mood-boosting vitamin D. Fishing helps seniors become more alert and increase their concentration skills. Catching fish also gives older adults a good upper body workout and the chance to catch up with their fishing buddies.

5. Growing Plants

From raking to weeding, gardening offers several ways to get low-impact exercise as well as necessary sunshine and fresh air. Whether seniors grow edible plants or decorative plants, spending time outdoors can boost their self-esteem and mental wellbeing. Gardening also gives older adults a purpose and sense of accomplishment. Seniors with mobility issues can plant a container garden or take part in caring for a community garden.

6. Visiting a Museum

Going to a museum gives seniors the chance to learn and engage with their communities. Many museums offer interactive displays that can help seniors enhance their mental alertness and better understand the message of the exhibit they’re exploring. Observing the work of artists can also create a desire to learn about interior design, creative writing, or other types of art.

Engaging in leisure activities is just one of the many ways seniors can enhance their wellbeing. If your aging loved one needs help leading a healthy and meaningful life, turn to Coast Care Partners. We provide the best at-home care La Mesa has to offer. Our caregivers help older adults with exercising, eating nutritious foods, and making other lifestyle choices that promote longevity. We also provide regular mental and social stimulation to enhance emotional wellbeing in the elderly. Call us at 619-354-2544 to learn about our high-quality services.